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Standards in exporting

Business man wondering which direction to turn


Is your business looking to sell its products into international markets?

If so, you'll need to ensure that your product design, manufacturing quality and labeling content is legally acceptable for each country.

And what if you don't?

Failure to comply with the law because of poor design, inferior manufacturing quality or inadequate labeling, may mean you won't be able to trade. Worse still, you may even find that if you've shipped your goods, they could be impounded when entering the country.

So if you're wondering in which direction to turn next to make sure your company's products can be legally exported, we're here to help...

Our export services

We see our task as straightforward. It's to help your business achieve product compliance for each country you intend exporting to.

Many countries, such as those in the EC will have common laws, but others will often have their own uniques rules and regulations. There may even be regional differences that need to be addressed.

We identify the standards you need to comply with and work with you to provide a road map to achieve your goal. We believe in helping you to be as independent as possible, but if you need practical assistance that's not a problem.

Updating service

And our services don't stop there. Laws inevitably change and our updating service will keep you up-to-date and allow you to react. However, we have been able to help save client's money by being able to use transitional arrangements which allow a product to continue being legally exported under its original compliance.

Services to suit your budget

Elmtree Consultancy provides a flexible range of services. 

We recognise that factors such a budget, your own knowledge of standards and how to apply them, as well as how quickly you want to start selling into your target market will all play a part in your decision making:

That's why Reliance Standards provides help and support based on this three-tier model...

  • Free advice available on this website to help you better understand each subject
  • Inexpensive downloadable guides, worksheets and advice to get you on the right track
  • Customised support available on the end of a phone or on-site for those thornier problems

This model is designed to keep your costs down, provide you with the just the right level of information to make informed an choice. And of course we are here for you if you need additional support to get the job done.

We want to play our part

Many UK companies are now looking to generate additional sales by exporting. Elmtree Consultancy looks forward to playing its part in helping the UK recovery by assisting companies looking to be successful abroad.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with the subject of standards and would like to know more about how they can make a difference to the success of your company, please enjoy reading the following articles: